Hyundai EX8 Cab Chassis

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  • Model: (EX8)
    GVM: 7,800kg
    GCM: 11,300kg
    Wheelbase: LWB: 3400mm, ELWB: 4400mm
    Engine: 3.9L, Diesel Turbo Euro 5
    Max Power: 127KW (170HP) / 2,500RPM
    Max Torque: 392NM / 1,400 RPM
    Key Features: Driver’s Suspension Seat
    Smart Key Entry with Security System
    Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)
    High Power Assist Brake (HAB)
    Easy Hill Start (EHS)
    Cruise Control
  • Engine: 4 Cylinder 16 valve SOHC
    Displacement: 3,933cc
    Max Power: 127KW (170HP) @ 2,500 RPM
    Max Torque: 608Nm / 1,400rpm
    Turbocharger: Intercooler Turbo Charger
    Compression Ratio: 17.0 : 1
    Bore x Stroke: 103mm x 118mm
    Injection System: Denso Common Rail System
    Emission Control System: Cooled EGR Particulate Matter Catalyst
  • Type: Hydraulic control, diaphragm spring single dry plate and pre-damper
    Disc Diameter: 362 mm
  • Model: (T60S6)
    Type: 5 speed manual Synchromesh on gear 1~5
    Gear Ratio: 1st: 6.701
    2nd: 3.712
    3rd: 2.084
    4th: 1.351
    5th: 1.000
    6th: 0.732
    Rev: 5.983
    PTO Provision: PTO provision on LHS of transmission case
  • Type: Reverse Elliot I-Beam
    Capacity: 3,100 kg
  • Type: Full Floating Type
    Capacity: 4,700kg
    Drive Ratio (manual & auto): 4.625 : 1
  • Model: (DS300)
    Type: Tubular, forged steel ends without centre bearing
  • Type: Semi-elliptic laminated leaf springs
    Size: 1200 x 70 x 11t-2, 11t-1
    Shock Absorber: Gas filled telescopic type
  • Type: Semi-elliptic laminated leaf springs
    Size: 1250 x 70 x 10t-5, 11t-1
    Rear Spring Helper: 990 x 70 x 15t-3
  • Disc Diameter: Front: 320 mm, Rear: 320 mm
    - ABS with electronic brake force distribution (EBD)
    Service Brake: Hydraulic with vacuum servo assistance dual circuit
    Exhaust Brake: Vacuum operated, butterfly valve type
    Parking Brake: 190mm diameter drum park mounted on rear of transmission
  • Type: 4 spoke ball and nut type with telescopic steering column
    Maximum Angle: Inside Wheel: 44.5°, Outside Wheel: 32.0°
  • Wheels Type: Single Front, dual rear 17.5 x 6, 6 Stud
    Tyre Size: 205/75R 17.5 Front x 2, 205/75R 17.5 Rear x 4
    Tyre Rating: Steer 1,450kg x 2, Drive 1,400kg x 4
    Spare Wheel Tyre: 1 Mounted
  • Type: Frame mounted steel with a lockable fuel cap
    Capacity: 100L
  • Type: H frame with channel sectional side rail & Cross Members
    Side Rail: Reinforced with outer stiffeners. Main section side rail dimensions: 183mm x 60mm x 6.0mm
  • Type: 24V electrical system
    Batteries: 2 x MF90AH maintenance free batteries connected in line
    Alternator: 24V, 55Amp
    Starter Motor: 5.0KW Starter Motor
    12V Power Outlet: 12V maximum, 36W
  • GVM: LWB & ELWB: 7800kg
    GCM: LWB & ELWB: 11300kg
    Wheelbase: LWB: 4050 mm, 4400 mm
    Overall Length: LWB: 6870 mm, ELWB: 7370 mm
    Overall Width: LWB: 2028 mm, ELWB: 2028 mm
    Overall Height: LWB: 2285 mm, ELWB: 2290 mm
    Front Over Hang: LWB & ELWB: 1125 mm
    Rear Over Hang: MWB: 1585 mm
    Front Track: LWB & ELWB: 1680 mm
    Outside Rear Track: LWB & ELWB: 1650 mm
    Rear Frame Width: LWB & ELWB: 860 mm
    Cab to Axle: LWB: 3160 mm, ELWB: 3510 mm
    Cab to End of Frame: LWB: 4790 mm, ELWB: 5290 mm
    Front Loading Limit: LWB & ELWB: 3100kg
    Rear Loading Limit: LWB & ELWM: 4700kg
    Total CAB Chassis Mass: LWB: 2,810kg, ELWB: 2,835kg
    Front CAB Chassis Mass: LWB: 1,875kg, ELWB: 1,925kg
    Rear CAB Chassis Mass: LWB: 935kg, ELWB: 910kg
  • Safety Features:
    - Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)
    - Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
    - High Power Assist Brake (HAB)
    - Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
    - Easy Hill Start (EHS)
    - Traction Control System (TCS)
    - Engine Drag Control (EDC)
    - Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBS)
    - Daytime Running Lamps
    Speed at Max. Engine Speed:
    Grade Ability at Rated GVM:
    Grade Ability at Rated GCM:
    Min Turning Cycle (m):
    5.3 / 7.5 / 8.2
    Cab Interior:
    Driver’s Seat: Ergonomic adjustable suspension seat
    Passenger Seats: Two seat capacity, independently adjustable seats with a storage console
    Seat Headrest: Height adjustable headrest‘s
    Steering Wheel: Tilt & telescopic adjustable steering wheel column, audio controls with hands free
    Cruise Control: Auto integrated - Steering Wheel Mounted
    Interior Finish: Fully cloth, padded roof lining and all weather PVC flooring covering
    Air Conditioning: Fully integrated with heater and defrost modes, 4 speed fan
    Audio: System supports Bluetooth, USB, CD player, Radio, MP3 and AUX
    Windows: Electric operated
    Power outlets: 1 x 12v, 1 x 24V
    Keyless Entry: With control door locking and Anti-theft, Smart Key
    Interior Lamps: 2 x 10Watt & 1 x 30Watt
    SIWS: Service Indicator Warning System
    Sun Visors: Driver’s and passenger’s
    Grips: Door and side pillar entry assist grips
    Cab Exterior:
    Cab Mounting: Semi-floating
    Windshield: One piece laminated
    Windscreen Wipers: Dual electric 3 speed with washer
    Side Glass: With inbuilt UV ray protection
    Side Mirrors: Heated main vision mirrors
    Headlights: Vertical styled with turn signals
    Fog Lamps: Projection type with daytime running lights
    Reverse Alarm: Standard feature
    3 Year 200,000km
    * Subject to conditions:
    Refer to your authorised Hyundai Dealer for:
    Detailed information
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    Further details regarding the mass of options.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability

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